Authentic Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine is proud to offer great dishes found at our restaurant located in San Angelo, Texas. Our chefs expertly prepare sumptuous Indian dishes in the style of many regions,North Indian, Nepalese and Including Himalayan, and our specialty is Chicken tikka masala,including Goat curry,Naan bread,chicken tandoori etc.

We use only the finest ingredients at peak freshness, and infuse them with authentic Indian flavors from a full range of seasonings, so you’ll always enjoy a plentiful, delicious, artfully prepared and presented meal

Need catering? We’ ve got you covered! We cater weddings or other events upon request –just contact us to find out more.

For authentic traditional Indian cuisine, come to Indian Cuisine! We look forward to creating delectable dishes that will bring all of the smells, tastes and textures of India to life for you! Try our quality lunch buffet, its open 7 days a week. We have more than 20 ethnic Indian food items on our buffet any given day.

Indian Cuisine is open in 2014 located in san angelo, Texas.

We pride ourselves in using high-quality ingredients with expertly trained chefs. Our chefs specialize in local and regional Indian tastes and techniques, so you always know with Indian Cuisine you’ll enjoy a truly authentic Indian dining experience!

We are located in San Angelo at Texas 3520 Knickerbocker rd suite C. Our location serves the greater san angelo area including abilene, midland, odessa. You’ll find us cross street from san angelo community hospital.

From the foothills of the Himalayas to the spiritual callings of the eastern Ganges River, India’s diversity is its prime asset in its culinary finesse. Sampling dishes from one of the word’s finest collage of cultures will explain the thoroughness of India’s people and the regional contrasts.

For an experience out of the ordinary that you are sure to love, come visit Indian cuisine to engage in sensations you always thought were surreal. Yes, everything and anything for anyone and everyone can be spruced together to fit the likings of any palate – from a mild, soothing yogurt-based sauce to a curry that sears your tongue with its spices!

Indian cuisine’s buffet line begins its venture with a selection of deliciously thin, crisp bread, red and green dipping sauce, fresh fruits and refreshingly cool Indian salads. This fixed buffet price allows for a wonderful sampling of an entire range of delicacies, permitting the soul to indulge in its own affair! Nineteen hot and cold dishes are served at the lunch buffet everyday, ranging with over a dozen hot and cold salads and vegetables, special curries, tandoori chicken, lamb, and freshly baked naan. Naan is bread prepared in the tandoor oven with a variety of fillings.

One of the finest intricacies about Indian cuisine is the concept of the tandoori oven, and India’s does a marvelous job of satisfying your appetite with their breads and juicy skewered and broiled meats from the pit ovens of Northern India.

Every dish off the buffet line has a distinct taste, and you are sure to establish favorites immediately. The delicate seasoning and full-flavored spices are guaranteed to be an immediate hit in flavoring your creamy yogurt-based marinades, or lavishly ornamenting your meat and rice dishes. The rice dishes are fabulous, combined with a number of ingredients – peas, mixed vegetables, chicken, lamb or shrimp. The lamb and chicken dishes are prepared with saffron flavored Basmati rice.

The perfect dessert at the end of the buffet will complement the finishing touches to your meal. Kheer, a Basmati rice pudding spritzed with almond and pistachios, is soothing, refreshing and just sweet enough. A variety of drinks are also available, depending on your mood.

Completely new and renovated with Marvelous furniture, mirrored walls and culturally fascinating décor, Indian cuisine is guaranteed to be a hit, be it for a family occasion or a business affair. Indian cuisine is a sophisticated, attractive atmosphere with a brisk and friendly service to meet your need.