Two months of revelations about Francois Fillon

Since January 25, the “business” break on the campaign of candidate Fillon. Since the alleged fictitious jobs of family members to the 50 000 euros offered costumes summary of the revelations and their consequences.

Parliamentary Assistant

On January 25, the chained duck opens the way cascading revelations. According to the weekly, Penelope Fillon was paid as a parliamentary assistant to her husband between 1998 and 2002 and for six months in 2012 and then as collaborator alternate Francois Fillon, Marc Joulaud from 2002 to 2007. The whole, for the modest sum of 500,000 euros. Problem: witnesses interviewed by the geese and ducks have never seen Penelope Fillon in the corridors and offices of the National Assembly, any more than riding. The jackpot is then revalued at 831,440 euros gross. Were added to the salaries received in 1986, between 1988 and 1990 and the end of 2012 to 30 November 2013.

No email, no badge to the Assembly, no real constituency office … The days pass and the thesis of the supposed fictitious employment is increasing, to the dissemination of Penelope Fillon interview that declares word for word: “I have never been his assistant.”

Defense. Deny. His wife actually worked, he repeated for almost two months. The days of these first revelations, it is also developing a strategy never dropped since, based on the discredit of justice and the media.

The prosecution. Francois Fillon has been indicted for embezzlement on Tuesday.

“The review of both worlds”

January 25 always, the Duck chained revealed that Penelope Fillon was hired by the Journal of both worlds, owned by Marc laureate of Lacharrière billionaire close to the candidate of the right. Between May 2012 and December 2013, it has pocketed 100,000 euros gross, then the publisher of the title is no longer profitable since 2004. Again, this is the reality of the work that is in question. “I hear she was hired. I’ve never crossed, never seen in the magazine offices, “says Michel Frizzy, former managing editor.

Defense. Francois Fillon has said a word. It was Marc laureate of Lacharrière in a person who assured after-sales service, so-so. It has justified the invisibility of Penelope Fillon saying that she was participating in an “informal strategic thinking”, in particular, to “open up” the magazine “abroad”. Moreover, two notes were actually published in the journal, the ten Penelope Fillon would have written.

The prosecution. According to the World, this revelation led the national financial prosecutor to extend the investigation Francois Fillon to facts of influence peddling. And the judge to put into consideration on Tuesday for “misuse of company assets.”

The case of public funds misappropriated Senate

On January 28, Mediapart and the JDD claim that the candidate could be wet in a case of embezzlement of public funds by elected orchestrated the UMP group in the Senate between 2003 and 2014. Some senators would thus illegally recovered part of the envelope their pay is granted for parliamentary assistants. In the Senate between 2005 and 2007, Francois Fillon would have benefited from this system and touched and 25,000 euros.

Defense. Minimum. Relatives of Francois Fillon were content to ensure that it was an “ancient history.”

The legal consequences. Five people, including three senators, have been indicted for embezzlement and concealment but Francois Fillon is currently not concerned, the investigation is confined to the period 2009-2014. However, it could be extended.

The jobs of his children

On February 1, the Duck chained reports that Fillon Marie, daughter of presidential candidate, won, as an assistant to his father in the Senate, and then it was just graduated with a Master of Law, 57 000 euros gross for the period from 1 October 2005 to 31 December 2006. his brother Charles, who took over, has, meanwhile, pocketed 26,600 euros from 1 January 2007 to 17 June of the same year.

Defense. To forestall the revelations and playing transparency is Francois Fillon himself who revealed to have paid her offspring “for specific missions”, without giving figures. Problem: it says on the set of TF1 that his children were lawyers while they were in fact not yet qualified. The defense of the candidate still wobbles when to justify these hires his entourage says Libération Marie Fillon had “particularly assisted in the preparation of his book.” A mission to the Baroque least for an employee paid by the Senate. Ditto for Charles Fillon who, according to his father, helped by working on Nicolas Sarkozy’s program in 2007.

The legal consequences. These are the same as for the supposed fictitious employment of Penelope Fillon in the Assembly, namely an indictment.

Consulting activities which question

On February 6, during a press conference, Fillon once again trying to take the lead and list the clients of his consulting company, 2F Council, which brought him 977,000 euros between June 2012 and December 2016. According to our investigation, it would also have earned between 140 000 and 210 000 through a dozen conferences abroad.
Defense. He claims to have acted “lawfully”. Rightly, because if an elected can create a consulting business during his mandate, François Fillon has seized the right window of opportunity by launching its box just before returning to the benches of the Assembly in 2012.

The prosecution. For the moment no, but the hypothesis of a conflict of interest is not entirely ruled out. On the list of clients of the consultant: the firm Ricol Lasteyrie (Rene Ricol was Commissioner General for investment between 2010 et2012 when Francois Fillon was Prime Minister), Fimalac Holding, a certain Marc laureate of Lacharrière and Axa including former CEO Henri de Castries, is very close to Fillon and even tipped to occupy Bercy in case of victory of the candidate LR.

The loan of EUR 50 000

On March 8, the Duck chained revealed that Francois Fillon received in 2013 an undeclared loan of EUR 50 000 from Marc laureate of Lacharrière. Always it. Nothing illegal so far, except that the candidate has not declared, as he should have done, nor the tax authorities or the High Authority for the transparency of public life. According to the Duck March 14, that “loan” was repaid in full on February 27, a month after the start of the first revelations.
Defense. He simply forgot to declare, ensures Francois Fillon.

The prosecution. The candidate has been indicted for breach of reporting requirements. This loan could also feed suspicions of influence peddling surrounding the conditions for awarding the Legion of Honor to Marc laureate of Lacharrière.

50,000 gift costume euros

On March 13, the JDD reported that a person obviously generous, whose identity was not revealed, offered Francois Fillon EUR 48 500 costumes, purchased from the Arnys tailor, since 2012.
Defense. “A friend gave me the costumes, so what?” Said Francois Fillon.
The prosecution. For now, there is no evidence that he broke the law. If members must declare “any gift or advantage of a value greater than 150 euros,” this is not the case when they “come close”. Everything depends on the identity of the person who offered the clothes to represent Paris. If it has to do with his parliamentary activities, so he departed from the procedure of the Assembly and was able to put in a situation of conflict of interest.

Part of the children’s wages Fillon lent to their parents

On March 14, the Parisien reveals that of the 46 000 affected by Marie Fillon as a parliamentary assistant, about 33 000 are distributed on the joint account of the parents. Charles Fillon meanwhile has donated them about 30% of his salary.

Defense. The lawyer Marie Fillon said his client had wanted to “pay his marriage mid-2006,” and that therefore “it repaid his parents” who had advanced the money. “She does what she wants money she earns!” He added. For the son, it would repayments’ his rent and his pocket money, “according to the lawyer Francois Fillon, Antonin Levy.
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The legal consequences. The Board of Marie Fillon is not wrong, the Fillon children do what they want with their money, but according to Le Parisien, the transfers of interest to investigators who wonder if it is assumed retrocessions related jobs Fillon of fictional children.